8 Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Home in 2019

Interior design says a lot about the home that you are living in. Staying modern doesn’t always require a large budget. Ceiling changes, multi-function furniture, and large plants can all enhance the interior of your home without spending a lot of money.

1. Multi-Function Furniture

Using multiple purpose furniture can keep your house roomier while still maintaining the proper function of a home. There are coffee tables that convert to dining tables, large mirrors that function as a hidden jewelry cabinet, and portable kitchen islands that store stools that can be rolled out of sight.

2. Living With Plants

Plants offer several reasons to bring them into your house. They can provide more oxygen levels while reducing some pollutants. 2019 should see an increase of indoor plants that are displayed in new ways. Bigger plants will be more noticeable while increasing the beauty of your home.

3. Ceilings Become More

Looking up at your ceilings will be completely different. Instead of looking at a drab ceiling, new paint designs and the use of wallpaper will turn it into a fifth wall. Molding will be arranged and layered in different ways to complete many new looks.

4. Natural Look

Bringing nature inside the house by using natural materials will help beautify your home. Wood, pebbles, and granite are all materials that can be used for interior designs. These can include handcrafted as well as recycled furniture.

5. Agate Stone

Designing patterns in walls and floors using agate stones will give your home a bold and unique look. The patterns that can be created are only limited by your imagination. Chandeliers, lamps, and coffee tables can all be modified for an individual look that will be hard to match.

6. Different Appliances

Your refrigerator and range will sport bold new colors and looks. The trend of smart appliances will also increase. The refrigerator will keep track of food going bad, and the range will let you know when the food is perfectly cooked to your liking. The kitchen is one room that is easy to update for 2019.

7. Multiple Lighting Systems

LED chandelier lights will become more popular due to long-lasting bulbs. Lamps and other lights that have dimming effects will continue to be installed at higher rates. These light systems can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. You can turn lights on and off as needed as well as controlling the dimming effect.

8. The Bedrooms

The bed is the biggest part of the room and is ready to take its share of the technology of today. This will take the form of a complete entertainment center. It will have a gaming system, stereo, and smart television.

Furniture made from recycled materials such as pallets is a good part of rustic looks. A lot of furniture can be rebuilt and finished to give a unique touch to your home that has your personal touch on it. Even a couple of gallons of paint with bold colors will update a room with a more modern look.

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